Hi I'm Christian. I'm a 21 year old Mechanical Engineering Major at Wentworth Institute of Technology.
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So I’m this much of a Nerd

So the other day I was walking outside and I saw an ant walking around on the ground, and it got me thinking. If you don’t like people dropping the scientific theories, now is the time to leave.

So basically our brains work like a computer. A signal is sent from one neuron to another in response to a stimuli, and that gets passed to another neuron, and the cycle continues much like how a computer works. Its complex enough to result in sentient life, and with it humanity has become self aware, and able to ponder concepts both of problem solving, philosophy, and even how the universe works. 

Now, lets say that instead of a neuron, we have an organism, such as an ant. This ant responds to environmental stimuli almost automatically, but exists in a colony with up to millions and millions of other. What if, collectively, the ants acted as individual neurons. In response to chemical signals released by one, another ant receives it an passes it on to another, and so on. In theory, could there be a collective of organisms like this, on earth or otherwise, that would eventually form into a sentient group. Could they have a collective consciousness, if you will. 

Idk, when I can’t sleep I’ll stay at night and think these things. Should I post more thoughts in the future of keep them to myself?