Hi I'm Christian. I'm a 21 year old Mechanical Engineering Major at Wentworth Institute of Technology.
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We all know this is true…

How many of us have gone on Tumblr and had their dash blown up with “OH WOE IS ME” statues? I mean, I know on on a regular basis and see them. Now there are a couple thing that hit me about them when I see them for a while.

The first is that I sympathize with them. I mean, I’ve been in that boat. I’ve been upset. I’ve been lonely, but haven’t we all? That’s not the thing that bothers me though. Most of us, when we’re upset like that, go to a friend and talk to them, or we go to someone, and we vent, or if its not that big a thing we realize its just a fleeting thought and it’ll get better. Yes I know that there are people in the world that actually have depression, or actually don’t have friends, but I’m not talking about them, and i’ll get to them later. I used to be one of the worst offenders when I was younger, but the thing was, there was nothing really wrong when I posted them half the time. I was just lonely, and never realized the friends I had around me the whole time. 

But the next thing that hits me is I get really bothered. Here’s something that I’ve said to friends before. If you go on any website and see people, you’ll see any number of different things, but if you look at the different pages, odds are you’ll never be able to pick out the people who have been through the most hardships in their life. And its not because there are so many people faking their problems or exacerbating real but small ones they have. Its because they don’t show it. They went through hell, but learned to accept it and move on. They didn’t let it control them, they didn’t let it get to them like that, they moved on to survive. And most of these people are happy now. The scars are there, but scars don’t always hurt. They are reminders of the past, but we don’t have to make them consume our present and destroy our future. 

I think that’s the biggest reason I get upset. Its not because I’ve been through shit and had to get over it, its not anything like that. Its that there are people on here that seriously don’t realize how lucky they have it. That are unable to see the friends they have, and don’t realize it. That are unable to see all the great people that are around them. Or worse, they don’t let themselves see them. Its so just… its sad. 

If you do actually mean it though, and do need someone, know I’m always around to talk. We’ve all been through rough patches, but I always have an ear and a shoulder if someone needs it.